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Could The Giulietta Precede The Alfetta?

Alfa Romeo has delayed the new Alfetta for unspecified reasons and since then we haven’t heard much of the longer and larger version of the Giulia. Perhaps one reason for moving back its release date to 2021 is the possibility of a new Giulietta. Car And Driver found out Fiat Chrysler Automobiles has recently filed a trademark application with the United States Patent and Trademark Office for the Giulietta nameplate.

Though there is no guarantee that a U.S. spec Giulietta will makes its way across the pond, this does raise the possibility of a new hatchback geared towards the United States market. Alfa Romeo did hint at it in their updated five-year plan with an expected launch date between 2017 and 2020, right before the Alfetta’s delayed release.

Perhaps the Italian automaker is trying include more body styles in their lineup because they can’t keep relying on one sedan (Giulia) and a SUV (Stelvio) to do all the heavy lifting. Once they fill in that gap, R&D resources can be allotted to segment expansion.

That’s where the Alfetta comes in, though this is all purely based on speculation and we’re still waiting on Alfa Romeo to provide us with more information.
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At this point I won't be surprised, Alfa Romeo seems to like delaying their new models and the Alfetta could see another setback while the Giulietta goes into production first.
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Well the Alfetta would be a better global product and it would allow alfa to develop an SUV in a segment that's just as important to them, the two would be based off the same platform. Can't say the same about the Giulietta. If you look at that whole 5-series, Mercedes E-Class, etc. segment then you will see how important it is to get into this segment over others.
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Filing a trademark does not necessarily mean a nameplate will be used in a production model and as it stands, we really don't know which one will be released to the public first, the Giulietta of the Alfetta. As you said, Alfa Romeo is putting more resources into money making segments than an Alfetta.
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Of course and no one ever knows for sure but it is a very clear show of intent which means a lot, odds are it means they have some real money on the line right now in development that they have to consider the legal impact of not going through the registration process. They never just file for the sake of filing.
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